Your Initial Appointment

Here is what will happen at your consultation

Our highly trained podiatrists are here to help…

1. We Listen

We take the time to understand you and your presenting complaint. We want you to understand your goals and objectives for being here fully. A comprehensive history involving the nature of your problem and medical history will be undertaken.

2. We Assess

We take time to assess your problem and your body often doing gait analysis and functional assessments to look for the root causes. We aim to accurately diagnose your problem and look for potential contributing factors such as footwear or weakness.

3. We Advise

Based on your assessment we will advise the best treatments and techniques to manage your problem as effectively as possible. Education is a crucial part of your treatment plan and we want you to fully understand our findings.

4. We Treat

Our holistic approach to foot and ankle disorders means you will get the correct and most optimal treatment plan to quickly get on top of your problems. Our treatment centres around non-invasive methods ranging from soft tissue therapy, corrective exercise therapy, acupuncture to custom orthotics when indicated.

5. We Prevent

We stop you from chasing pain and learn how to identify and fix the root causes. We aim to give you the right knowledge and tools to stop future issues arising. We are driven to get our patients back to their normal activities with the highest level of function.